Sounds rather dramatic right? Since this is the last summer that I will be in school (and next summer I will be taking the bar), this technically is the last summer EVER I will not have to work. Never mind that I did work full-time this summer anyway. Regardless, I am enjoying this weekend like there is no tomorrow, since thats basically what law school is.

I have been reading The Dirty Life since it is on my homesteading book list, and it is making me have all sorts of crazy plans to buy the house next door and knock it down, or buy a whole bunch of adjacent vacant land and turn them into a farm. When we talked about it though, it seems like since were not interested in having animals we really don’t need that much. So, I have spent today drawing pictures of how we can better use the space we have.

One way? Buying a bunch of carboys-because they are notorious for not taking up any space.


Yep, there they are. Thats what happens if you stay up all night reading homesteading books. So, after some quick research and a call to a very weirded out acquaintance (and a bunch of cash obvi) I have ordered everything else we need and should be brewing shortly! I got the kit for a stout, a wheat, and a nut brown ale based entirely on which ones were the cheapest.

In keeping with the theme of the day after a little breakfast in bed, we made our way to Eastern Market. The last time we really shopped there we saw a cart for $35 that we couldn’t bring ourselves to buy. Boy did I regret that, because the store immediately closed (R.J. Hirt family feud) and I never saw another one. Today though when the new “Devries & Co.” had one outside for $40 I snatched it up. When you have a cart at Eastern Market it is so hard not to buy everything. I passed on some beets and turnips because I didn’t know quite how to use them, but took home some okra which I have never used before. The internet said to soak them to get rid of some of the slime factor resulting in this:


They were still pretty slimy though so we’ll have to see how they turn out once their cooked. I also bought several bags of basil to stock up and the first batch is dehydrating now.

I think the rest of the evening looks like sewing and Hulu’d Project Runway!