and finally a little bit of this: The first day of school is over! Well, today was the first day of the semester but due to my laziness a brilliant new plan I dropped my Monday/Wednesday class so now I have all Mondays off. Today I was delighted to be able to sleep in while it drizzled outside.

Once I got up I was able to plant garlic for next year, do a little weeding and uncovered a nice surprise. All the squash that I thought had forgotten to fruit because of our hot dry summer actually did put up fruit, its just a little  behind the times. As long as we don’t have an early frost, I think we’ll get plenty out of it.

I used the rest of the day to cook up some side dishes for the week, and make veggie burgers to freeze and have on hand. Finally, I decided to take this member of my family for a run:


I know, start stretching right? Even though it was rainy this morning it got hot and humid so when we heard a little sprinkle I got out of the house as fast as I could in hopes of a cooler and wetter than usual run. Well I got one of my wishes, as soon as we got out the sun shone through making it EXTREMELY hot and humid. Mr. Snuffleupagus does not care for the heat so what should have been an easy 3 took a very long time running and walking. There was a little of this:


and a little of this: IMG_0264

and finally a little bit of this: IMG_0269


Yep, that counts as the swim around here. I think it was a little too hot for doodles on the run today. Anyway, this little guy was adopted one year ago after a puppy mill in amish country had to “liquidate” its stock to local rescue organizations. He is a buckeye, but we love him just the same. He goes by Snuffy, Mr. Snuffleupagus, bug, bubbe, and others.

As for the third sport? it was meant to be rollerblading but it became a late night trip to the thrift store. I’ll share my spoils later (I spent SIXTY dollars, not even the high end type of thrift store).

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to Snuffy’s big sister!