I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day as much as we are (thank you labor unions)! We went out to John’s friends island where we participated in the island olympics. This is where we try to do all the summer’s activities in a short period of time before the summer is over. We watched Michigan lose, played a washer’s tournament, played euchre, swam in the worlds longest line of lashed boats, and had a blast. We only had to stay up until 4 am to get all those activities in! We were lucky enough to be on the island a few months ago when a giant snapping turtle made its nest and laid eggs. A snake got to most of the eggs this year but this weekend Snuffy kept finding tiny little snappers on their first big journey from the nest to the water. Since John and I missed the Sea Turtles on our Honeymoon in Costa Rica this was the second best thing. I was worried a picture would hurt their sense of direction like the moon does, so I didn’t snap a picture. Their little eyes looked almost blind they were so new. The Island is always so fun and so exhausting. John has been going there since he was in high school and some of the stories….

The family we stay with got a lease from the state for something crazy like $1/year for 100 years while they were trying to encourage development. Heres some weekend pix:

DSCF0133 DSCF0134

We feel so lucky and are so grateful they keep inviting us back!

Unfortunately I had a huge motion to write this weekend and some other schoolwork besides so we had to come home today. John spent a lot of time painting the house and it finally looks like this:


Well, almost. The far side isn’t done yet but were getting there. Our little house has come so far.

Our garden worked really hard in our absence. I thought it was too dry (and we were too negligent) to get squash this year but there was a nice surprise when we returned!


Dinner was not great since we are a little low on groceries it had almost all been frozen so I’m supplementing with my favorite milkshake @chocolatecoveredkatie. We ate some junk this weekend so I kept my portions in check (aka measured) but I’m still pretty nervous to see how my weight is doing. And with that, the bachelor pad is on! I’ve got some serious crafting to do while we watch.

P.S. I finally ordered our wedding album today! I’ll let you know when it arrives.