The title pretty much sums it up. Sometimes I feel like I should quit going to school and just start working in order to save more money so I can start my dreams sooner. However, I will save so much more money, if we just wait and open a small firm of our own for income maybe we could stay in Michigan and do it.

My weigh in today: Not great but only 3 lbs over my maintenance goal and after the island weekend too. Working on portion control and maybe a run this week to get back down.

Lastly, I wanted to introduce you to another member of my family:


This is she: the matriarch. Snuffy’s older sister and all around cranky old lady. But when it really comes down to it she loves that little guy. She once bit a greyhound who bit him, jumped in the water she hates to save him from drowning, and wrestled a dog that was her old friend when she misinterpreted their play. She is the sweetest, the nicest, and the most patient. Also, the best napper I know. She’s telling me its time for the bed now!