It has been a while since I posted! I went to two weddings, done a little more development on my new theory of dairy, lots of homework, and visited another state.

So heres some fun things we got up to last night:


The first of the beer is in bottles! In the future I want to cook it more slowly so its not scalded, rinse the bleach solution more so there is no aftertaste, remember to take an initial alcohol reading with the hydrometer, and focus on sanitation more overall. We haven’t noticed any problems yet just making notes for the next batch. I am also hoping that I can start a batch of wine soon. I ordered some wine yeast and other equipment, and plan to get some fruits from the farmer’s market this weekend to juice and put up. We have three carboys so I think we should have more than enough to build up a stash.

I have other big plans for this weekend including making lunches, freezing as much red sauce as possible, possibly canning, pickling, propogating cheese starter, making another round of beer, etc. Obviously everything won’t happen but a girl can dream! I am also in the process of trying to simplify our diet. I think if we commit to either overnight oats or toast for breakfasts we will have to purchase less process foods, and less foods overall.