The name is…..growing on me. Regardless, we went, we played, the dogs lost their shit. The exhibits were mostly split between things that could have been many different mediums displayed huge on buildings, and exhibits that could have really only been done in the lighting medium.

This one was an animated short with no words that was playing on repeat against the back of the DIA. It started as a pair of hands filing in a dolls house with some watery music playing in the background. The hands meticulously made choices, adjusted the curtains from the outside in, and itched themselves occasionally. As the house filled up the scratches became more frequent and it became clear that when the hands reached around to adjust the curtains from the outside, the hands were actually scratching itches on the house. When the hands put a dutch oven inside an octopus exploded out of it. The hands got it under control but afterwards the whole house was filled with pulsating cracks that looked sort of like octopus legs. Eventually the cracks took over, and water flushed over the whole house. When the water receded the house was bare and the short started over again. This was definitely one of the highlights as many reviews discussed it. The Free press called it the hands of god but I’m not sure I agree. It seemed more like a portrait of addiction or mental illness. Regardless it was very organic and unique.

Another honorable mention: 

   These three enormous panels were constantly shifting. When we first got to this part it was clearly just blue abstractions, but eventually a whale began to develop. It was very interactive as you could hear people all around arguing whether what you were looking at was a whale or not as it shifted. The music was also watery (whale songs?). One of my faves, and I think the whole time we stood there it never repeated although its hard to be sure.

Here is the link for credits.

Other weekend activities included this:

 We don’t eat that many pickles (and last years were a total fail) but this year we got a great deal on cucumbers, and had LOTS of green tomatoes (see second jar from left) so we might have to become fans this winter.

The Prohibition Bike Tour was also this weekend. This was the longest bike ride I have ever done at 15 miles. It was by no means speedy but still, when I was done I felt like I had gone for a run. Anyway we learned some, rode a lot, and ate even more when the tour ended at Traffic Jam and Snug. Downsides, no vegan options. However, as Traffic jam makes their own cheeses on site I felt pretty comfortable with the (delicious) cheeses.

This is the old Woodbridge Tavern. I was amazed to learn that during the winter people would try to run alcohol across the river on ice skates in packs! This guy also does bus tours of several breweries. As were getting more into brewing I think these tours might be a fun thing this winter.

As you can see we are all bundled up, it was chilly! My plants and I were a little taken off guard by how chilly:

 My tomatoes were unscathed but as you can see my squash took a beating from this surprise frost. Thankfully I had already brought in all the mature fruits. It is my understanding that frost only affects how well the fruit stores anyway, and these underdeveloped rinds would have had to be treated like summer squash anyway so we will be eating them up soon!

Since the weather was so pleasantly fall this weekend I took a quick run around the neighborhood with Snuffy. His sheer terror of cars, bikes, and motorcycles means we can’t go very far before he freaks out. However, we were able to take some pictures of neighbors houses that have taken out their lawns. I don’t want to put up pictures of anyone else’s house, but there are at least 5 houses in our neighborhood whose lead we are following. One has a sign out front that says “Native Prairie Garden: Prairie and Savanna ecosystems covered large areas of what is now southern Michigan and southwester Ontario for at least ten thousand years. Today this habitat is globally endangered. Less than .5% of these original prairies and savannas exist today. This garden is made up of locally native prairie and savanna plants. Studies suggest that Landscapes of native plants may help reduce the effects of global warming more effectively than other landscape types. Designed by Native Green Landscaping.” It seems to be a national company, but it was exciting to see how our neighbors have been able to push the limit of what is considered an appropriate front lawn. I hope ours looks half as nice as theirs does.

Since the garden and working outside season is coming to a close I had a little more time for crafting this weekend. My spinning wheel has been getting quite a workout lately.

I also am just finishing up spinning this double ply of silk with yak. I thought I would share the most exciting part (finishing something):

The white is the silk. I am thinking of turning this one into a necklace or putting it into a pile of other craft materials and organizing them when I get upset. Just kidding, I never do that.

Some less successful crafting:

 Have you seen this pin? Looks super easy right? Yea:

   Yea NAILED IT. This… looked a lot better on the girl at the bar. But may i’ll wear it running? On a super hot day? Or never? Where is this first girl’s bra exactly?

Oh well, there are crafting successes, and then there are Pintester level fails. This was the later.

The weekend ended like it seems like it always does:

 That is one big doodle.

One last thought: Can some of the paleo people please explain to me what the rational of eating meat is if meat is so adulterated from how caveman ate? I have been doing some research, and I know the diet is well-researched and explored, but I haven’t seen a persuasive argument on this particular issue.