Briefly: Whoa, she is really good at singing and really good at singing live. My brother, John, and I went to the Saturday show and were so impressed. Among other songs she played:

Ode to Divorce


Ne Me Quitte Pas

The Prayer (In Russian)

Blue Lips

and finally after a lot of suspense my favorite, Samson. I wish she had played a few more, like Laughing With, Buildings, and That time. The Fillmore is just the prettiest though, and she really is incredible live. We had seen Fiona Apple at the Fillmore a few months ago and I couldn’t stop making comparisons- I was even confusing their songs for a little while.

The opening act was this guy going under the name of Only Son. I felt like quite the sleuth when  I realized Henry told me that he was the guitarist for Moldy Peaches, and he was married to Regina Spektor! Apparently they had been on tour together for a while, and then they got married in December. I’m not going to say his best stuff sounded dramatically more like her style than anything else he does….(Its a Boy).

We had jumped on these tickets because the show was too exciting to pass up even though we already had tickets to see Louis C.K. on Friday night. At the Masonic, we were only a  few minutes late but ended up missing maybe a quarter of the show. He was nice enough to put in his act that the Masonic was not accustomed to such a large crowd since he had chosen them based on the fact that it was the only place that ticketmaster is not a requirement. It was frustrating, but he is hilarious. My favorite joke was when he talked about sharks fins popping up above the water and was like “don’t you think if you told a shark that was happening they would be super embarrassed? Like why didn’t you tell me my fin was showing guys!”

Despite all this we had to make time to grocery shop at Eastern Market. I thought for sure we would be under budget but were actually $25 over. I blame this:

Eight watermelons. I did not read the recipe for watermelon wine all the way through. Apparently you can use MOSTLY watermelon juice and some water. However, I guess we will have very watermelony wine because I actually OVERestimate. We only needed six watermelons. I know right, so much more reasonable. So, now we have two watermelons and some very questionable “watermelon wine.”

This…is not my most optimistic project lol. I just pitched the yeast so we should know soon if it is working or not. Helpfully, I bought a lot of special yeasts and sugars and EIGHT WATERMELONS for it so it will be very expensive when its gross, oh and did I mention you can’t drink it for a year and three months? But I guess if it does work in a year and a quarter me and my watermelon wine will be very happy together and all sunken costs will  be forgotten.

When I John took the carboy down to the root cellar we realized the bushel of apples I bought did store as well as I was hoping so this happened.

Some became apple butter in the crock pot, and the rest became applesauce. I remembered when my dad made a giant cider press in the garage to press the apples from out house, and then my mom made him get rid of it because the resultant cider was not pasteurized. Now I don’t understand why we didn’t just pasteurize it? Anyway, what I WISH I had remembered is how my dad used to make applesauce and freeze it, and how good it tastes slightly frozen still. I didn’t remember that until he reminded me at the gym today, several hours after I canned all of it.

Also down in the root cellar, the first hard cheese is halfway through aging. I have been less than vigilant about flipping it every few days but it seems to be aging fine. Ricki Carrol’s book suggests a dorm fridge set to 55 with a bowl of water in the bottom for humidity:

My dad is throwing me a round mould so hopefully the next batch is less pathetic looking! Still, this was the first experiment, and hopefully in 6 months that is full of cheeses aging like in that Cheddar commercial.

We just finished bottling take two, and the Stout seems to have come out a lot better. It smells more alcoholic (maybe next time we will remember to use the hydrometer?), and we got a record 60 bottles out of the carboy. Hopefully we like it? John gives credit to his new toy:

He told me he had a surprise for me after running out to get two 55 gallon drums for the compost system, and the front water barrel. Flowers? Candy? That new blood sugar tester I want from the pharmacy that costs so much less than flowers and would make a much better “I’m sorry” gift? Nope, even better:


He found this on the side of the road! He was only slightly disappointed when I told him I needed like 6 more for the greenhouse I want to build. He almost has me talked into making a hoophouse greenhouse and letting vines grow up this in the front yard (which would only require one more to look like a landscaping scheme). We’ll see. Regardless a GREAT find.

I saved the most exciting part of the weekend for last. On Sunday I was invited to a real live consciousness raising circle. This made me feel immeasurably cool because who has friends this cool? Turns out, I do. We had wine, cheese, and vegan banana bread that I woefully undercooked. The middle was totally runny but everyone was really nice about it, and the best part of vegan cooking is everything is fine if its raw. While this was never explicitly said, I’m pretty sure consciousness raising circles employ the middle school sleepover rule of “nothing leaves this room!” Without going into specifics, we talked about romantic relationships, marriage and divorce, employment discrimination, and parenthood choices. I am hoping to be able to host sometime soon because it was really so fun and so important. We talked for four hours without anyone realizing any time had really passed at all. I am really looking forward to doing it again.

John told me he plans on posting a guest post soon about the transformation of the outside of our house (aka painting) so soon you will be able to see the color scheme we chose and his work wife called “toon-town-esque.”