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Nope, not pregnant. Also, no chickens yet. The new member of our family is 600ish lbs, 115ish years old, and really needs to be tuned. Also, looked like a ghost while arriving by trailer covered in a white sheet at night. Very Halloween appropriate.


This is the heaviest thing to ever be used exclusively to play the Titanic Soundtrack. Just kidding, I also ordered the Wicked Soundtrack (for children), The Les Mis Soundtrack (for children), and Fidelity sheet music by Regina Spektor (which will undoubtedly take years for me to be able to play).

This weekend was less productive than usual due to spending an entire day at the Yahoo tailgate watching the Michigan v Michigan State game with Eva and Co. There was a little of this action:


Yep, Eva’s job provides her with such perks as an ice luge, and this tailgate was catered by our original wedding caterer, it was that fancy. Anyway my dad (who had tickets, and apparently self-control) was kind enough to drive us home safe and sound after a long day of these type of shenanigans.

On Monday I finished my work 3 hours before class and wasted a solid thirty minutes trying to remember what I liked to do with free time. I took the Snuffle for a quick run, finished Barnheart on the patio (it has been surprisingly warm in Michigan) and started reading The Urban Homestead. Barnheart was okay, after a strong start it was rather thin in story but I enjoyed it and it was a very quick read. I am really excited by the beginning of the Urban Homestead, which has a lot of very technical instruction. I started mapping out where I want to plant some things in the spring. Then my three hours were up and I had to go to class.

I had put some kombucha in the fridge after my run to tempt me through class, and when I got it out and opened it the swing top blew off and it geysered all over everything. It was so carbonated that the kombucha on the table looked like wet pop rocks for a solid 15 minutees. I knew it was a little over fermented, but at least the stout which we had the first taste of yesterday was good. I also bought a new round cheese mold. Once we taste the first farmhouse cheddar on Sunday I will try a new hard cheese next weekend.

I am planning on going as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. Snuffy is planning on going as one of those cats that look like pinup girls.


I said maybe we could go together as this:


(Doesn’t it look so much like us?) (source)

To which he said, “ew, mom. gross.”

I always thought the most dangerous part of fermentation was painful death by poisoning. Have you ever had a fermentation mishap?