Hello Everyone.  I am the blogger’s loving husband here to write a guest post about painting our home.  The exterior that is.  Within about a month of buying this place we had managed to paint the entire interior, but just hadn’t gotten around to the outside, which sorely needed it.  In fact the contrast between the two was so bad, that more than a few trick or treaters commented on it at Halloween.  Honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad.  Here we are on the day we closed.  Pretty amazing day.


So this summer my project was to make the outside match the inside.  First step was to pull, scrape, and sand off at least 5 years worth of woody vines that had taken great pains to become part of the aluminum siding.  Next up was to choose the color, which i tried to leave mostly up to my wife as she has a much better eye for these things.  To make a long story short, there are many shades of yellow, and even though “luscious mango” seems like a good idea at the time, nobody really wants their house to look that much like a school bus.  Well, unless you actually live in a school bus, which would be really cool, and I don’t mean to judge.  Either way, it wasn’t what we were going for on our house.

So with a little adding random amounts of white paint custom color creation, it was time to start getting that stuff on the walls.  Now about the only thing that will stick to aluminum siding for any period of time is a nice and toxic heavy oil based paint.  That’s right, just the type to clog a rented sprayer in seconds.  And besides, who wants to spend all that time masking windows anyway?  It still took plenty of trial and error, but in the end, a 4 inch roller and one of those hand held roller buckets turned out to be the best method.

Anyway, here are the picture from before we did anything on the place and after a few years of neglect:


Here is the finished project (minus shutters):


Here are my two helpers who managed to end up with very little paint on them (unlike me).


And the next project, the garage….