Its here!


Hopefully that is the largest photo of cheese you will see all day. This is the farmhouse cheddar (the first hard cheese), aged one month, and I have to say I am pretty impressed. As you may remember I did not have a lot of faith in the curd, but it was actually very cheddary tasting. John in fact described it as “intense.” One of the real downsides of cheese making is that it takes 1-3 months to know how well something went. I have a lot of changes to make and am looking forward to trying again this weekend. I bought a round mold so that will be the biggest change. Did I mention it melts? I used some of this cheese to make a grilled cheese sandwich on John’s homemade bread with garden tomatoes and arugula. It was ugly, but fantastic.

John and I were up north this weekend and so everything was pretty quiet. On our way back we picked up this guy on craigslist:


Ferndale has amended its ordinances to permit backyard fires! When John build the patio we planned to build in a fire pit. Then at the last minute I looked at the ordinance and was disappointed to see the were forbidden except to warm farm workers or cook food. So yea. Anyway, now that we can have them I might be happier with the versatile nature of the chiminea anyway. Ferndale does a really good job listening to what its citizens want, they also recently amended the ordinances to permit backyard chickens (!!!)  which I plan to take full advantage of in the spring. I can’t wait for our first fire, although I am afraid with this kind of weather it might have to wait.

Recently I saw an interview that asked some “Stylish professionals” and one of the questions was where they shop primarily. It got me thinking, I think I primarily shop on Craigslist. Case and point:


I had been wanting one of these but could not justify the price until I found one used. I think this will be getting the You Craft Me Up Treatment soon as I already bought some black appliance enamel, and some decals (because that tattoo trick looks a little much for me, I try not to craft with knives). Unfortunately, I realized remembered that I am terrible at baking. After one batch of oatmeal raisin cookies sheetcake, and some very salty sugar cookies (what?), I have my sights set on scones. However, I am primarily excited about using the mixer for bread dough outside the bread machine, and making and washing butter once we are able to lease the cow (in December!).

Next I am in the market for a hammock.

After the long weekend this guy was pretty tired.


What is the best thing you have ever scored on Craigslist?