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Since we have such big plans for our little house, I put together a schedule of what we hope to get done on a monthly basis. Now that the painting is done we have a lot more free time to devote so such projects. In the next few months we hope to put a built in bookshelf in the basement where the world’s most disgusting murphy bed used to be, and make some moves in the kitchen. The kitchen has been through several changes already since we bought the house in September of 2010. When we moved in it looked like this:


Oh yea heres a close up of that wallpaper:


While at first glance we thought these were pink grenades, they are actually shells of the sea variety. The kitchen now looks like this:


I like it MUCH better, but there are a few things that still bother me. First, that awesomely pink countertop. Secondly, the floors are like not sealed right or something because they get FILTHY constantly especially with little puppy paws. Plus its white so it shows everything. I actually really like the cabinets, while most people would paint them I think they actually match the feel of the house pretty well. So we plan to keep that, and the paint, and put this on the floors:


Also, it is super cheap. This is probably also going on the floor in the bathroom where we have the same problem.

We are also planning a backsplash. I fell in love with this:


This is…less cheap. I bought a whole bunch of tile samples including this, the slate above and two more. With an $11 return card, my total was $8. I was ecstatic thinking that this faux bamboo backsplash was on super sale down from $14.97. Turns out they just forgot to ring me up for this, once I checked the receipt. Anyway, for several reasons, including a very good friend who was honest enough to say she hated it, we are moving away from it. Plus, it was going to make countertop selection very hard.

Originally John had wanted to try to do those beautiful concrete countertops  we keep seeing but there were several problems with that idea. First, several seams would have been required. Secondly, the voice of reason (my dad) suggested that this was not going to be an easy, fun, or economical experiment. He then suggested (gently) that we consider tiling the countertop as well. I love this idea, and when we looked at the next few weeks with and without building concrete molds in the garage we were sold.

I ordered a sample of this:  http://www.homedepot.com/Beige-Cream/Flooring-Tile-Tile-Natural-Stone-Tile/h_d1/N-5yc1vZar8kZ1z11cvnZ1z1191p/R-100664287/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&storeId=10051


It still not cheap, but $9.99/ sf seems more manageable. Although of course it is not at our local stores. I think it should be relatively easy to find some cheap plain cream for the counters that will make the whole kitchen lighter, although if not I will have to order some more light kitchen samples since they are not at our stores either.

We are so excited to put up the many Pewabics that we were lucky enough to receive for the wedding at last!