Do you guys have that friend? The one who you do and buy everything she says because she just knows the best stuff? I do, and she has struck again. Sometimes I almost feel like I should talk to her less because it would be so much cheaper but I can’t even help myself because the things she introduces me to are so great. So far she has been responsible for getting me hooked on:

• Bikram Yoga

• The Fitnessista

•Downton Abbey

•Jillian Michaels workout DVD’s

• Free hulu plus

• some many things that are too embarrassing to say or have forgotten at the moment


LUSH. So, after she told me about them not 24 hours later I was at the REAL STORE not even online, spending a small fortune on things I’m pretty sure I haven’t owned since I was about 12.


This is what was described as “a new face.” We shall see, it is so fresh it has to stay in the fridge!


Lots of samples…

IMG_0511  Solid perfume.


Big ticket items (with the exception of the one item my HUSBAND requested these were the most expensive). The one on the right is like a face highlighter? I didn’t even know I needed this but now I don’t want to live without it.


The bath bombs Lush is famous for.


And the bag! Lush had lots of great vegan options.

I NEEDED all of these beauty products since I have been skimping on beauty sleep. Finals are in full swing (sorry for the delayed blogging), and I made some pretty poor decisions last week. Namely, to start making jalapeno stirred curd cheddar at like 6:00 pm. I had made it a few days before and it took about 8 hours so I have no idea why I thought I could make this in half the time. The result was several alarms set throughout the night to go deal with my cheese.


The one on the left is the traditional cheddar developing a rind pretty well. The jalapeno cheese is a little softer (because I was half-asleep for most of the steps) so it cracked a little. During the waxing process I made sure to put a lot of wax in the cracks so there would not be air pockets to develop mold. I also made some of the ugliest cheese I have ever made (of course) to bring to a party (or rather three parties since I split the batch).


LOL. This was a lemon cheese with herbs and its tastes okay but wow is it ugly. Things always happen to me when I’m making food for other people!


I also continued my quest for the perfect homemade veggie burger with these beet burgers. While they LOOK a lot like real burgers I’m not sure we’re quite there yet. I will post the recipe when I find the perfect one.

I also tried Healthy Tipping Point’s Cast Iron Tofu. This was really good. Not quite as good as my usual long roasting technique but significantly more expedient.


This is going in salads for lunches.

For other lunches a friend’s lightened up potato salad- maybe she will share the recipe in the comments?


Curried Roasted Cauliflower (florets tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, and curry to be served with a little cilantro).


And finally, magic.


This picture looks SUPER ugly but actually it looked really beautiful when I was making it. There are Sew Like My Mom’s Lotion Bars. Minus the beeswax of course, and plus some essential oil (sweet orange) and some of the body powder I got at Lush. They are re-solidifying in the fridge right now so I will let you know how it turns out.

Ok, now time to curl up with my new book A Book About Bees for some inspiration.