You guys, I have the bug for bees.

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I had been trying to convince myself that it is too much to overhaul the front yard, get chickens, and also get bees. But you know what? Screw it. I want these ladies to come live at my house full time. I need to do a LOT more research before spring happens but I just finished A Book of Bees and I LOVED it. It was such a good story interspersed with so much information. Did you know you can become immune to bee venom?

Here are some questions I am in the process of researching specifically with respect to Michigan or Midwestern beekeepers:

1. how much honey to leave?
2. do you medicate?
3. do you requeen every year?
4. do you use powdered sugar for varoa mites? what time of year?

5. Has anyone ever had more than two deeps?

6. How do you know if they are starving in the winter when you can’t open the hive?

7. How do you know when they are starving the summer?

8. What time of year do you harvest?

9. When do you first open the hive in the spring?

10. Do you fumigate the hive components at the end of each season?

While I didn’t listen to A Book of Bees, I am newly obsessed with You pay a monthly fee and can download a certain number of books on your phone. I love listening to books (thanks Gretchen Rubin). I am listening to Gone Girl, about six months behind everyone else? So far it seems kind of creepy, but also I have heard a little bit about the plot already so maybe I am projecting.

Ok, I hope none of you are going to tell me bees, chickens, and the front yard the same year is too much because honey blogger don’t care!