I really hate gambling and casinos. It has nothing to do with any ethical problem with them its just that they make me SO ANXIOUS. I think it is because I am such a terrible loser that I feel a lot of pressure to win (see similar effects when playing scrabble, euchre, any game with a board). However, I think this may be a common thing because in the past week two marketing campaigns demonstrated that marketing agencies have me all figured out.

1. Victoria’s Secret Cyber Monday spend $10.00 online get two scratch off gift cards for $10.00-$500.00. I AM A SUCKER FOR SCRATCH OFFS. Attention all retailers, I am going to justify this purchase to myself 100 times out of 100. Also, why do I keep buying things from Victoria Secret? I am never happy with them, and then it is way too much trouble to return them.

2. Diamond Candles. Confession time. I was really embarrassed to want this. So embarrassed in fact that I bought them for John’s company anonymous gift exchange, and planned to open it myself and pretend that it was not mine. However, when they got here and I went to wrap them I couldn’t do it. They were too cool. This happened:


Its mine now. As you can see I COULD have pulled the ring out last night (after about 2-3 hours of burning) but I decided that was too much excitement in one day. So, still waiting but I doubt I will be able to control myself much longer! Also this candle smells AMAZING.

Remember this yarn?


I knitted it up into this:


Its an infinity cowl with one twist in the front. WOW does yak smell bad when its wet for   blocking.

I rounded out the night with some of this:


Frozen banana ice cream with cocoa powder, topped with coconut milk whipped up in the kitchenaid, and topped with chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Last year after Christmas I had John take all the candy we had leftover to his office since I didn’t want to eat it all. I set aside the chocolate covered sunflower seeds but through a misunderstanding John brought them to work too. I was so upset and somehow both my mom and John’s work wife heard about it and bought me more of them. It was pretty embarrassing, and I ended up with about 3 lbs of chocolate covered sunflower seeds. What can I say, they’re delicious. John’s wonderful co-worker picked some up for me again this week and I have been making great use of them!