Apparently someone at Joann Fabrics read my blog because I got this in the mail shortly after:


I have big plans to do this during break so I will probably blow this all on mod podge (that fake version with glue does NOT work). Also, puzzles. Joann’s has an awesome selection of puzzles and with a 50% coupon they are cheaper than anywhere else. After I scratched this off I was in full on junkie mode so I went ahead and burned my candle until I could reveal the ring in my diamond candle:


Definitely $10.00, definitely super fun.

Finals are in full-on (I will be done one week from today) and my diet is starting to look a lot like this:


I call this….soy dog salad wrap?



I did manage too cook up a few somewhat legit meals including cream of mushroom soup with the first home grown mushroom from my dad:


It was a garbanzo bean bonanza thereafter when I made Katie’s Cookie Dough Dip, hummus two ways, and Oh She Glows Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas.

The cookie dip:


Eh. I was ready to tell you guys this is terrible. Then I saw the sugar next to the batter still in the measuring cup. So yea, I did not like sugar free garbanzo beans blended with vanilla and chocolate. Once I added the sugar I still couldn’t get the bean taste out of my mouth. John liked it, so maybe if I hadn’t tasted the sugar free version, or if I hadn’t seen the beans go in I would like it to but I won’t make this again.

The salt and vinegar chick peas though, oh my gosh. Between Oh She Glows Cinnabon Granola which I literally have started quintupling the recipe for and making ahead for the month, and these I may be Angela’s biggest fan. Her recipes are finicky, but for a reason. They always have a million hard to find ingredients but they are so worth it. If you are making these chick peas I would recommend you let them cook 5 minutes longer than I did because some of them are perfect but a few are still a little mushy. This batch MAY last a week:


John surprised me with a cast iron pot for REAL Cast-Iron Tofu, and also put up some new shelves this weekend that I can’t take a decent picture of to save my life. I also had some people over for a highly productive craft night. Eva stayed over and helped clean up. I can tell because


Yea, a stool was required to reach those wheat thins :).