What a long hiatus! I actually blogged a lot through finals (when I was procrastinating) then fell off the wagon as soon as finals were over and I had a lot of fun things to do. This (exam) season it kind of took a while for the stress to dissipate even after I was done. I kept having dreams I was taking my civil procedure exam again and I kept having to move locations, or the I was running out of time (shudder). So, I decided to take a day and do some relaxing things including getting a massage. When I was walking out I swear I was so relaxed I couldn’t even drive. I moved my car from my prepaid parking spot about 10 feet into the library lot and then paid again. wtf? Once I realized that I was a public hazard I decided to take advantage and check an errand off my list: get a library card. I have lived in Ferndale for two years and never set foot in our beautiful library and I was missing out. Several of the expensive books I have gotten on audible were there in audiobook, and there was a fireplace and lots of magazines. Also there were lots of new releases including a Remake it Clothes (which was too much about fashion and designers and not enough patterns or pictures for me), and several vegan cookbooks I had been looking for. I checked out audio books of Water for Elephants, and Stephen Colbert’s I am America and So Can you.

Later I met up with a friend to go see the newly re-opened Belle Aisle Aquarium. We learned on the brew and bike tour that there may have at one time been a speakeasy under the aquarium. Its free for now, and limited hours so it was still getting on its feet but was still a nice was to pass a morning.

IMG_0701 IMG_0703 IMG_0693

This fish was camera shy! We were happy to see we could wander into the conservatory as well:

IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0712

Where we immediately became very hungry….


So we went to Seva! Once of my faves. I had to get a few things done because my brother and my dad were coming! Snuffy had a blast with his uncle.

Mazy wasn’t even jealous because she had a very special visit from a puppy who was much more her style this morning.

Once Henry and his nephew got their wrestling quota in, we had another delicious meal at Local Kitchen and Bar. I had the squash risotto, while my brother had the black bean enchilada, and John had a portabella burger on challah. The risotto was AMAZING so much so that I didn’t even take a picture until I was halfway done:


It would have been way to sweet if not for the bitterness of the kale. Perfect!


I just managed to get a picture of these adorable cornbreads with orange butter before Henry grabbed one. In other news, good thing going out to eat is notoriously healthy and inexpensive since it is apparently all I do now.

I changed it up and made some new cheese at home:


The purpleness is from sage from my dad’s garden. I added a little extra dried sage later since it was not sage-y enough at first. Snuffy must have been concerned about ghosts because he ate nearly half of this before I caught him…

So this means from Ricki Carroll’s book I have made:

Farmhouse Cheddar

Traditional Cheddar

Jalapeno Cheddar

Truffle Cheddar (which I made up)

Cottage Cheese


Lemon Cheese

30 Minute Mozzarella

Ricotta from Heaven

Next Week I plan to make parmesan (which I will age for like a year?) and then on the docket in the next few weeks:



monterey jack


derby cheese


After this I will make some thermophilic starter (and re-up my mesolithic) so I can branch out. I think I am almost ready to start some mold-ripened cheeses!

I picked up the local (semi-weekly?) newspaper tonight and saw this:


You know who like, really wants a nickname but doesn’t want to ask? F’dale PD. One time the Ferndale police department had called my dad who had called John who had called me to tell me I lost my purse before I even knew I lost it! Consider me following…

Followed up by an article about a parking meter crime ring?


I am the first to make fun of those who are afraid of Detroit, but color me mistaken. Apparently we have a real problem with crime, even extending to the ‘burbs. PARKING METER CRIME SPREE!

After the news this past week I am thankful this is the kind of news that makes the front page in my city (while understanding that the culture of violence is pervasive and can strike anywhere) and my thoughts are with the families of those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.