Merry Christmas! I am a pretty lazy decorator but I think this time it might have backfired on me:





Instead of temporary decorations like normal people I made a permanent holiday demonstration of my school spirit? Whats really weird is there are so many ways this could have gone better (points down, smaller chevrons, larger chevrons). But I kind of love it? Its staying for at least a while. If you’re curious I used this tutorial. The only change I would make is dont use pink chalk, it did not come off. Also, that Martha Steward paint smells terrible!

Since this is our first Christmas married we are working on developing some new traditions. It is always so hard to lock up the puppies to go see our families on Christmas day so this year we celebrated Dog Christmas on Christmas Eve. We took the puppies to the dog park where Snuffy was caught flying:


He was a happy worn out dog and Mazy was happy he was tired. Then we opened gifts (lots of great books, puzzles, sheet music and games). Dogs were spoiled this year:


Snuffy got something he really needed from Santa: a thundershirt!





I sort of feel bad we didn’t buy this for this little guy earlier, but I love his crazy personality too.

Homemade treats for dogs:

IMG_0776 IMG_0780

And for people:



Parmesan brining


along with yogurt, mozzarella, and ricotta.

Parm was my first thermophilic (heat loving starter) cheese. My observations are that my tap water is not that hot (it was supposed to get to 124?). Also, that raw milk is SO MUCH BETTER for cheese making. I have had two (maybe three) pretty embarrassing crunchtime mozzarella fails. Then, with this milk it turned out so stretchy my arms were barely long enough.


I hope everyone is enjoying time with their families and a solstice related holiday of their choice.