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I have been really sad about going back to school tomorrow so I decided to make a list of fun things I did over break to remind myself.

1. Pewabic store (twice!) Eva and I realized we were really old when we had a blast at at tile showroom.

IMG_0833 IMG_0834

I finally found the drawer pulls I have been looking for for approximately oh I don’t know, two years. I even special ordered a bee tile!

2. The DIA at last.


3. The Belle Isle Aquarium (also at last).


4. Snuffy finally achieved flight at the dog park:


5. Feta was made:


6. As well as Camenbert


My first mold ripened cheese!

7. Eva and I finally cashed in our groupon for one month of unlimited climbing so we have been seeing a lot of each other and a lot of these walls


I was interested to see the print out of our activities

Who knew climbing burned so many calories and over such a long period of time.

8. I saw the Killers put on an awesome show including fireworks.

9. LOTS of bubble drinks


9.5. I juiced my way through $20 worth of carrots, but John helped me drink them.

10. I sewed most of a blazer but I am going to do a photoshoot of myself and subject all of you too it eventually.

11. And while I didn’t do it, John made incredibly progress on the bathroom but I will save those pictures for another post too.

Also I was luckily home a lot so I was able to take about a billion pictures of these dogs looking creepy and insane respectively:



I hope your holidays were as fun as mine, and that you are not dreading tomorrow as much as I am!