I have been working hard lately to crowd out my diet with healthy things so I am too full for junk. It was been working….with mixed results. One thing that has really worked though is making a big juice in the morning and I swear I am fuller for the rest of the day.

Up until recently I had been using this guy:


As you can see, it was made in the year 1018. Just kidding, thats how much I paid for it at the thrift store. For that price you get approximately one year of lazy juicing (aka every once in a while, and without taking any cores or peels off of things). Although one time it did juice three watermelons in a row. This week I spent about $50 on produce to juice and then it met its match: a sweet potato.
I know, sweet potato juice sounds disgusting. I had a recipe. The joke is on me because not only did I think RIGHT before I did it, I bet this ruins the juicer, but sweet potato juice is actually just as disgusting as it sounds.

While I had found a possible replacement on craigslist John flexed his craigslist muscles by casually informing me last night he had to go to bed early so he could meet a woman at Bob Evans at 7:00 about a juicer.

What? 20 dollars later this was ours:


I like to think this is an action shot rather than just how our kitchen looks but I’m lying to myself.

We tested it out with a (fruitier than usual) juice including:

2 oranges

1 kiwi

5 strawberries

1/2 bag of kale

heart of celery

1 lemon

1 apple

This was delicious! Even a Snuffle wanted to get in on the action


Moving from green to blue he chased this with a pen


He is a little embarrassed but rest assured his face looks like that too. I was seriously just about to talk about how good he was yesterday since I accidently left him in the yard with the fence open for 15 minutes the other day. Turns out either he likes his adventures very quick, or he likes us enough to stay!

In other updates I received the syllabus for the beekeeping course today and am off to place a seed order. Too early?

Updated: I just deleted all the prior photos? Sorry! Technical difficulties