I was all set up with some hot coca and my knitting to watch Downton Abbey when I remembered that we got a notice from Comcast that our TV needs a box to keep working. I remember this being a thing a few years ago but have they reinvented TV again? I am so out of the loop. Anyway it turned out to be only a small disappointment in an otherwise great day (which totally makes up for a Saturday night spent oiling my cheeses).

Eva and I got up early to climb and had a bit of a climbing breakthrough! Afterwards we agreed that climbing in the morning is the best. It is usually less crowded and we are not as tired and burned out from work. We were both able to tackle a new route and we’re so proud of ourselves.

After brunching we split up so Eva could go pack up to become my neighbor next week (!) and I could go see Gretchen from Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing . I did not plan to buy her book because it is a little pricey and I thought I was not quite up the level that would be required to get a lot of use out of it. However, within five minutes of hearing her start talking I was about to walk out of the lecture to buy it. I could not give them my money fast enough I was dying to buy this book. Like, I was worried they might run out before I was able to buy it. She put on a short powerpoint that included some information about how she got started sewing (really not until she was about my age), her blogging style, the inspiration for her patterns, and then took questions. It was GREAT. Then she signed books (including mine) and I hurried home to start reading. The price includes 10 full patterns and one I realized that I thought it was a steal. I even wanted to tell her like hey hold some of this information back because you can’t give it all away in your first book. It is just packed with techniques I have been trying to learn. Gretchen works with primarily vintage patterns and talks about how difficult many of them are to read because a high baseline of sewing ability is presumed. I agree, but I also think that many of the more modern patterns have not been edited in a while because unless I am doing like a project runway pattern I find it very hard to read. I am especially excited to try her pattern for the brocade dress, although that may be a ways off.

The book was just in time because I just finished 1000 Splendid Suns yes, 7 years after everyone else. I really enjoyed it, and I was shocked to find out it was written by a man after. I thought the women’s voices were very interestingly portrayed.

Afterwards I went and visited my hive at my parents house, and found out that my dad is thinking of starting a hive too. It will be very fun to start together.

Maybe there sill be snow/sew day tomorrow?