Are you guys all over this Butterick $1.88 pattern sale? I bought an embarrassing amount of patterns. Other  things I “invested” in this weekend include a big girl tea set. Clearly five minutes later I was inviting girl friends over for planet earth,, puzzle doing, tea and girl scout cookies. What that does not qualify as a big girl tea party? Heres hoping this will be enough to get me over my aforementioned raging toddler birthday party envy.


In keeping with the theme of me being basically 5 years old, this happened.


Yep, that is an Ivory Soap bar microwaved for 1.5 minutes. If you like those fireworks that are like snakes this activity is for you. Thankfully, this is a slightly more useful endeavor as it can be used to make super easy laundry detergent. Most recipes call for

Borax (some omit this because it is still chemical and carries some concerns)

Washing Soda

and 1 bar of soap grated. This is a huge pain, so thankfully you can enjoy the fun of watching your soap blow up in the microwave then crumble it easily instead of grating. (Same low suds warnings apply as with all homemade laundry soap).

The best part? More money to spend on tea sets, patterns, and other critical endeavors!