Today I asked my friend “What is 9 months from today?” She freaked out. She was right, nine months IS a long time to wait… for my Leicester cheese to….gestate. Anyway its all waxed up and will be ready December 19, 2013. Leicester cheese, pronounced Lester, is a British cheddar like cheese that has a much higher moisture content. Here is an interesting article on the flocculation method which I have not used since it is pretty hands on. However, I may have been convinced to give it a try and it would definitely come in handy if you need to be even more precise than usual in any given recipe.

I finished up a gift for a family member who is expecting an ACTUAL baby, not just a cheese baby.


Don’t worry, thats not how I blocked it. Pattern here. This is the second one of these I made using Caron Simply Soft in off white. I doubled up on the thread and ended up using I believe three skeins original price at JoAnn $4.49. With coupons then this blanket cost $6.75 to make. For that price I think I might be able to find time to knit for one up for Princess Grape?

After months of trying to make go home, you’re drunk jokes, the world gifted me with two in as many weeks. Without further comment, go home doodle, you’re drunk!