I am having a hard time dressing myself. Not logistically, but in an age and lifestyle appropriate way. How are you supposed to dress when you are 25? Everything I wear ends up either making me look really old (Especially my professional stuff) or really young (workout clothes will get me ID’d every time). Recently I went to Macy’s with the express intent to buy something that was too casual for work. I ended up with a button down. A leopard print button down. That I have worn to work three times. It looks awesome with suits. Even better, I haven’t worn it in any non-professional setting, because I have none to go to :(. Fail.

I was faced with another sartorial challenge recently: a formal wedding that would start with a conservative in-church ceremony. I ended up with this:


and red shoes. The best part of this dress is it has a built in corselet (and was at TJ maxx). I got mixed reviews as to whether strapless would work for this type of service so I knitted up some Glam Shells:

photo-23 photo-24

I knitted on size 6 needles and it took me about 1.5 weeks. It knitted up really fast! I used Vanna White’s new yarn in Moonstone. It has little sequins in it. Hopefully it looks ok!

I made Manchego this weekend too, after John tasted some and loved it. According to Ricki Carrol “This cheese originated in Spain near the Plains of Toledo and was made from the milk of manchego sheep. It has a rich, mellow taste, taste and is available in four stages of ripeness. Manchego Fresco is aged for 5 days or fewer; Manchego curado is aged for 3-12 weeks; manchego viejo is aged in olive oil for more than 1 year. In latin America today, manchego is made almost entirely from cow’s milk.”

I am clearly making the latin style since it was made from cows milk. I split the batch into three so we could try it each way. I am not exactly sure how to age in olive oil. Any suggestions? This is the first cheese I have made which uses a combination of mesophilic and thermophilic starters. I think this is so the milk can continue to ripen across the spectrum of temperatures.

Other suggestions? On things like how you dress yourself lol?

P.S. I am planning a very exciting Tuesday April 2. A good friend’s mom invited me over to learn some Indian food cooking techniques AND the chicks will likely arrive that day.