Meet Josephina, Charlotte, and Henrietta!

photo IMG950208


They are happily settled into the basement with a heat lamp for the time being. Don’t worry. Charlotte is not really pink, despite being an Easter chick! So far so good, everyone is settling into their new home. I really feel like having chickens tips us from being a family with a garden to real homesteading (although I’m sure whomever gives out “real homestead” cards does not approve of naming chicks). We sure love them though!

This past weekend we managed to find time to plant and put in arugula, mesclun, carrots, kale, cilantro, chard, beets, collards, and bok choy. Nothing is up quite yet. I am optimistic that I will be making two cheeses this weekend, a hard and a soft yet to be determined despite the fact that there is a law school event AND bee school scheduled.

Crafting is certainly on the backburner with all this excitement!