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I seriously think they look bigger today even than this photo I took yesterday! 

I ran a little behind this weekend so I only made one cheese: Lactic Cheese. This is an extremely easy cheese if you have starter laying around. Most beginners don’t so the best cheese to start with is lemon cheese. It also has a very high yield. Slightly less than a gallon made more than 3 cups of cheese. Per Ricki Carroll’s suggestion I plan to mix some of this with cracked peppercorns and paprika for a savory spread, and some with sugar to make sweetened crepe filling (which I will probably eat with a spoon, lets get real). You can make it dryer by letting it drain longer, and tangier by letting it sit out to coagulate more. I couldn’t believe that this whole recipe only called for 3 drops of  rennet but that was enough for the curd to form.


IMG_1166 Some was consumed right away with a chia seed version of the Fitnessista’s jalapeno crackers. Today I made Haloumi. I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel for hard cheeses that I am not too intimidated to try!

A native of Cyprus this cheese is made in a very unique way. The whey is retained, the cheese is pressed, then the whey is heated and the pressed cheese soaked in the hot whey. This has the result that it stores well in hot weather. Another Carroll background note: “The groaning cheese: This was a large cheese so called from its being in old days supplied by the husband against the time of his wife’s delivery. At the birth of the child, it was cut in the center in such a way that by degrees a ring was formed through which the child was ceremoniously passed on the day of christening” There sure seems to be a lot of cheese lore about birth! Haloumi is brined and can be eaten at any time within 60 days. This seems like an excess of cheese to have available at any given time. I still made the poor decision of opening up the Colby. Colby is a cheddar like cheese that retains more moisture. This tasted very colby like. However, with more moisture retention its easier to have kind of funky or off flavors to the cheese. As you may remember I had some moisture issues when I was making this cheese, and it aged near the ill-fated camembert. As such, it has some of that wine flavor but is still very good. I plan to use up a lot of this this weekend freezing quiches for the bar prep period.


P.S. We received some bad news on the inspection today that our neighbor’s garage counts as a residential building. No big deal, we just need to move the coop and have it reinspected. Snuffy for one is very skeptical as to why a garage is a residential building: 


Just kidding. I accidentally trimmed his face crooked and now he looks constantly skeptical.