The past few weeks I started a lot of posts with things like

Did you know that if a Witness is being impeached based on their character for truthfulness or untruthfulness, if on cross examination they lie and deny specific instances of conduct, extrinsic evidence is not admissible to rebut?

Then, after I finished crying about my finals life I decided to wait until I had something actually interesting to blog about. So, hears what I’ve been up to when not studying hearsay exceptions.

I made some Montasio cheese.


Things I did not do: paint my nails!

The cheese I am holding above represents two gallons of milk, so I think I did something wrong which resulted in the curds leaking milk fat back into the whey. It is very firm despite only being pressed at 5 lbs. Ricki Carroll says about this cheese: “Traditionally  made in monasteries, montasio is a hard cheese tha is used as a table chese when aged for 3 months and as a grating cheese when aged for 1 year or longer. Usually the grating cheese is made with skimmed milk.” Basically all my recipes are made with “skimmed” milk since I remove the cream to use for butter prior to cheese making. However, the milk fat content is still (based on taste at l east) much higher than store bought skim milk. It tastes at least like 3% and probably more. So, I don’t know whether this will be aged for 3 months or a year, but I am leaning towards a year. Based on its heft I think it will be a lot like parmesan since it is also brined and aged unwaxed.

I also became the kind of person who has more than one fake artichoke, so that happened. Apparently I am a collector of fake artichokes now. Target only had one of these ceramic artichokes but you better believe I would have bought them out and spray painted them all bright colors if they had more. And this is why I should not go to Target when I have not left the house otherwise for 10 days.


The chicks grew up. If the weather in Michigan would every get above like 40 degrees and rainy this spring they are for sure ready to move to their garage home. However, it SNOWED TODAY so we will apparently be waiting a while.


Henrietta (far right) had a big adventure yesterday where she flew over the side and onto the floor below, about a three foot drop. We had anticipated this possibility and provided for a cushy landing, but she was still pretty cold by the time the doodle alerted us to her predicament. She is fine, if a bit gun shy today.

We also cracked into the Monterey Jack cheese from February. It suffered from a bit from the wine flavor problem described previously. It must have been something I had been doing at that time because the other cheeses don’t have that problem. Maybe another fermenting agent was introduced, or possibly I am just struggling with the nature of such moist cheeses.

I have been trying really hard to come with hearsay jokes for you guys but I am totally at a loss…so if you hear some, tell me! (Get it?)