As you may have seen in that final picture of Snuffy, the chick[ens] have moved from their basement home to a transitional home in the garage.


The heat lamp keeps their temperature around 75 degrees currently. We have been decreasing the heat gradually until they are fully feathered. Then, once their temperature and the outdoor temperature equalizes they will move to their new home in the coop.

IMG_1266 Thanks to a friendly neighbor who saw we were struggling moving the coop and who actually stopped running to OPT IN to this mess of John, Eva, and myself trying to lift approximately 1 ton.

The chicks also had their first outside adventure. Some friends stopped by and gave them an impromptu lesson in how to scratch like a chicken, flap, the whole nine yards complete with sounds and acting it out. The chickens don’t know what they would have done otherwise and are so grateful (as are all of us that got to watch it!).


They are getting SO BIG. John and I hear the first clucks instead of peeps the other day and couldn’t believe our ears. My dad was trying to teach them a few weeks ago. Apparently something about being around chickens makes people want to act like a chicken? Who knows. But they are top of the class cluckers now



We bought them a new waterer from the famous Anna Hess in preparation for Memorial day when we plan to go out of town for the first time without them. That makes it sound like we have actually taken them with us on vacation before but the truth is, not yet. I was so starstruck to get a package the Walden Effect!