I really had the very best intentions not to do much more to the yard because its getting pretty busy. But then Snuffy broke another yard decoration (subtract one, add three?) and Eva unequivocally said go for it and now here we are. Yard Chandeliers.


I had one of these, and I picked up the other two at the restore for $23 each. I cleaned them (with Snuffy’s help), spray painted them, and installed those cheap solar yard lights. The shaft of the lights was too long so I used a hacksaw to cut them to length.


The only hard part was getting the cylindrical par to fit over the fixture. I used a pliers to crush the fixture, then the wires inside were sufficient to slip inside the shaft and keep the lights firmly attached. Some had a horizontal screw that was too wide but I was able to use the pliers to twist that screw vertical.

IMG_1288 IMG_1287

The teal one came with a surprise package of hundreds of dangly jewels inside. Could the Restore get any better???IMG_1286

Since we were having a bonfire last night John graciously got out his extension ladder at 10 pm to hang them up. Now they are shining brightly after a day of charging. They just have to be brought in for the winter.

The costs for three total broke down like this:

Chandeliers: $46 for two, one free

Spray Paint: $3.98 times 3

Lights: $2.97 times 15

Total: $102.49. When I got home though I realized I already had most of these colors in my spray paint collection so this could have been done for cheaper. If I had only done the one I had it would have cost less than $15.

P.S. A very happy birthday to my two year old Snuffleupagus. Were celebrating with a haircut and a trip to the dog park.

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