Garden! Because I don’t have a front lawn any more.

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You may remember we planned this out in the fall, but it is now a reality.

John rented a rototiller for the weekend, picked up some concrete from craigslist and now, two weekends later it is mostly done! On my dad’s advice we planted some creeping plants (phlox, thyme, etc) for soil retention. John also plans to set up an irrigation system like the backyard so it can be easily watered.

I’m planning on planting mostly vegetables based on the excellent plans of The Edible Front Yard and will do so this week.

I was so surprised how many people stopped to compliment John while he was working on this. Who knew the best way to befriend neighbors is to rip out your front yard! One of us is also SO excited not to have to mow anymore. I’ll let you guess who.