Eva and I have a great tradition of drinking wine, painting our nails, and watching varying levels of guilty pleasure (I’m looking at you, the Bachelor) one night a week after work.

Right now we are fully absorbed by Project runway. This week one of the designers looked at one of the other designers and said “What were you inspired by?” and the other designer said dismissively “Oh, trees at midnight.” Just the way a lawyer might be like what case governs? oh yes of course. It must be so nice to have a career where “What were you inspired by?” Is such a routine and appropriate question.

I have always thought if I did a project runway type challenge I would love to make some sort of beautiful high collared slicked down garment that is reminiscent of Charlottes black neck feathers.


However, until recently I thought this was just due to my affinity for my own chickens that I think they are SO BEAUTIFUL. Turns out, its not the case. Apparently whether they are mine or not is irrelevant- I just think chickens are so pretty that I want clothes that look like them. Check out these pictures from an awesome book my Aunt just sent me:



IMG_1732 IMG_1733

I’m pretty sure this last one was the inspiration for Patricia’s headpieces last season. Am I crazy or couldn’t you make some really beautiful outfits “inspired by”chickens?