John and I have a nook in our house that would only be suitable for a Statue of the Virgin Mary. You can kind of see it here:

DSCF0064 DSCF0230

Since we are not Catholic, it has been kind of an issue trying to decide what to put in the shrine. As you can see for now, we reached a tentative agreement on a barometer. John doesn’t seem to be caving on my suggestion that we put the Singer Featherweight in the shrine so he has been looking for a display table.

We found a classic sewing machine table with a leaf on trash day on the side of the road at a house I had been to a garage sale at a few weeks before. In fact, I had tried to talk myself into the less expensive machine they were selling and out of the more expensive singer (which obviously didn’t work and I have learned better than to do since in those scenarios I usually just end up with both). But I am sure you can see where this is going, the sewing machine was in the table and now it lives at my house.

IMG_1852 IMG_1851

Since these do not have a cult following like the 221’s there is not a lot of info online about them. One thing I was able to figure out is that it was made in Japan, and that it is not made by the gun manufacturer. Rather, it was made by a Japanese company who thought it would be best to rebrand as an identical brand in the United States. I think it is from the 60’s. I don’t know that I will keep this forever, but I might paint the top section (beige on beige, not a good look). It was all locked up when it came here, and now it runs fine even if it needs a belt and a bobbin case. I went looking for the bobbin case in the accessories that were packed into the table and found this:


A 1948 Singer 221 buttonholer attachment that fits on my Singer. A miracle. Even John is starting to think that the 221 belongs on the Virgin Mary shelf after all.