While I was studying for the bar I didn’t have time to do anything fun so I just bought fabric and looked at it. I have read a lot of research lately that you only have so much discipline, and all of mine was going to studying to the bar, so yea this fabric was REALLY expensive camel hair. Worse yet, there was a similar fabric that was $30/yard cheaper that I tried to convince myself to buy but I was concerned that I would just end up coming back and buying the expensive one also.

I used it to make one of the simplest patterns ever, Butterick B5931.

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (1) (one of my legs looks way tanner than the other here haha)

This was a really well written pattern, and the fabric sews LIKE A DREAM. I guess I will be splurging on fabric more often because I love how this turned out. Unfortunately, this has  been the weirdest fall ever since it has been like 80 degrees every day. I seriously do not know how to dress myself for fall in summer temperatures. I suspect that it will get cold very suddenly and I won’t be able to wear this that much this year!