You want to know whats weird? Waking up with one house, and going to bed with two houses. I couldn’t make it to closing so there was no real formality to the transfer for me. UNTIL that is, we took the dogs to the new house and Mazy peed on the floor. Yep, now its ours.

While shopping for real estate is my favorite thing (although even I may have burned out on it for a while now), getting a rental property was really more John’s thing than mine. Since he is a real estate attorney, and pays attention to things like our property values, he really felt like we were missing out on a financial opportunity by not buying before some major developments came into Ferndale. So, here we are. I am excited though, because with this step completed we are ready to move on to our next goal: buying more than 10 acres within a one hour radius of our jobs so we have a weekend rural retreat. John gets to live out his dreams too, because I told him he could re-do a bus as a motorhome for a semi permanent farm-house. I’m just going to present that with no further comment, BECAUSE ITS HIS DREAM GUYS.

First, we want to pay down some law school related debts and save up some. I have instituted some serious austerity measures. If successful, we could be in a position to make moves in about 18 months. In some ways this is good because we have time to check out various locations, flesh out what we really want from our weekend homestead, and can go into it with as little debt as possible. We are hoping to visit some different sized properties and gauge what we can realistically manage. Plus, it gives me 18 more months to get super excited about it.

In re-evaluating our budget I came across this which I actually found super interesting? With careful planning (and eating more food from the yard than usual), we are able to stay on the thrifty plan. While I know that a lot of people do not have a choice to be on any plan and I don’t mean to undermine that struggle, this has been a good excuse for us to get very creative. For instance, my dad gave us so many apples from the Dexter appl-ocaplypse of 2013, (and I came up with so many ways to eat apples), that we only bought $47 of groceries for two weeks. In other news, I am SUPER SICK OF APPLES.

In other news, I opened up an etsy shop (and will be adding more soon I hope), and 100% of proceeds go to the farm account (current balance: $100.00 lol).

Ok I’m off to watch project runway finale (last week was a false alarm). Who do you think is going to win? My money is on Dom (although I’m not betting, see above).