This is kind of all over the place. I’m going to blame the fact that I recently got bar results and instead of feeling great joy, (or in addition too maybe) I mostly felt extremely tired. I have been sleeping as my part-time job for the better part of two weeks. In between naps:

1. Pink concert

In March, Pink came to Detroit and for some unknown reason I didn’t get tickets. Well, it was some combination of them costing $100.00, and being on the same Tuesday night as a midterm. I was devastated, but then she announced that she was coming back in November. When I bought them I assumed I wouldn’t have bar results yet, but the way things worked out it ended up being a kind of celebration.

I have long contended that Pink is a feminist icon, but turns out i’m not the only one who has noticed. Prior to the show I was worried she might not bring the aerial silks that have recently become her signature but she brought something better:

photo (12)

The ability to fly. Thats her in the middle. I am so inspired by her amazing body and physical strength. I took an aerial silks class a few months ago and was amazed by the difficulty. I am going again next week, after which I assume I will be prepared to put on my own feminist cirque du soleil (all while singing)

2. I regret to inform you that John caught me taking selfies with the new vacuum.

photo (11)

I have been married for more than a year now and I think it qualifies me to say: if you love anything this much, marry it.

3. The great chicken escape of 2013

When John and I originally got the chickens I imagined that they would at some point be able to free range our yard. I also imagined we wouldn’t love them quite as much as we do.

John leaves for work about 15 minutes before I get up. Usually then, Henrietta flies out of the coop and spends some time in the yard before I put her away for the day when I leave. A few weeks ago, on the first day I could reasonably expect the bar results in the mail, Henrietta refused to let me catch her to put her away for the day. So, I let the other two out thinking safety in numbers. I worried about them a few times during the day (mostly that a stray dog would take them) and mentioned the idea to John, but was largely unperturbed.

And when I came home from work Henrietta was doing her best to hatch one of Snuffy’s tennis balls, and the other two were GONE. While I recognize that some day we will not have the chickens anymore, I was really hoping it would not be in such a traumatic way. I called John crying so hard he couldn’t understand me and of course THOUGHT I FAILED THE BAR. So he started heading home, and I called Eva to come help me look for them despite the fact that I was convinced that someone had stolen the chickens to eat them. In retrospect, I don’t think anyone in my neighborhood would steal a live chicken and go through the trouble of killing, plucking, and preparing one of my chickens lol. She graciously agreed despite having the stomach flu. When she arrived, I had ripped my work clothes trying to put Henrietta back in the coop. Eva later told me she was looking for “silver linings” on her way over and was going to remind me how fun it was to have chicks.

Literally within 30 seconds of walking into the yard, she calmly said here there are. We walked around the back of the garage and the missing two were pressed between the fence and the back of the “garage.”  I say garage because no one is building a greenhouse in violation of city ordinances and without pulling a permit back there. The back of the “garage” and the fence are about 3 inches apart. Charlotte and Josephina were pressed between the two so tightly it looked kind of obscene with necks twisted and broken feather. A neighbor stepped out and told Eva that they looked like they might die any minute, especially the white one. Uh, thanks dude, where were you with that advice when I was running around my yard in sobbing and basically in my underwear.

So, Eva leaned into the side of the fence to give them a little wiggle room. I climbed over the fence, raking the sharp parts over my legs and destroying my tights. Then, I pulled the fence away from the other side. The girls immediately started eating, apparently entirely unfazed. We stayed like this until John came home and took part of the fence down to free them. And everybody was just fine.

Lessons learned: Henrietta is the smartest. But, Charlotte has the prettiest feet.


I think we are not quite ready to free range the yard yet.