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Sorry for not blogging this weekend, it is because I devoted about 47 of the 48 weekend hours to the Hunger Games. I saw the movie twice, I re-watched the first movie, and then became obsessed with this: catching4 (source) 

I think I finally decided on this pattern:


John pointed out that her cowl stands up a lot more than Jennifer Lawrence’s (it is made using rope). I think I know the reason why:

images (source) 

The pattern has complete circles and two triangles as opposed to the overlapping scarf in the back shown here. I think the reason why is that it is impossible to make a clean end on the rope unless it is a circle. So, I’m using her pattern as written, down to the same yarn. However, John suggested that smaller sailing rope might be more supple and look less harsh. And…I have already cast on. I can’t wait to wear this to all of the places in my life which are appropriate for wearing costumes…

Last year right before Thanksgiving John and I got in a blow out fight on the way about whether or not the Hunger Games is the first major feminist film. I argued that it is. John said he thought G.I. Jane was. I have never seen G.I. Jane. What do you think?