Sometimes I think that there are no natural remedies or foraged foods I will not try. (See, liquid gold fertilizer, washing my hair with baking soda, etc). However, I was looking at Healing with Herbs A-Z by Hanna Kroeger and came across these:

IMG_2198 IMG_2199 IMG_2201


Um, no thank you. You are not likely to find me consuming one raw onion a day for anything. I think this is a case where the remedy is worse than the disease.

The reason I was flipping through this book was to find the medicinal uses of rose hips. A friend who is rich in rose hips (and tickets to see Elton John!), gave me a bag over the weekend with her recipe for jam, which I was so excited to try.

Taken with a grain of salt (as these were found in the above book), Rose Hip can be used for the treatment primarily of weight control, with secondary benefits for diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. It can also be used to support the immune system. This warning does not seem to be very prominent on the internet so I am here to tell you: Do not eat the fluff or seeds as they were the main ingredients used in prank itching powders and can irritate your intestines. As such, some use it for its aid in digestion. 

Start to finish!:




I used the top recipe, but the bottom makes use of the natural pectin in rose hips, requiring no commercial pectin.

I dried the rest of the rose hips for tea. Once dried, you can leave them whole and pour hot water over them.

Or, you can rough process them. Once they are lightly blended, sift them through a sieve in order to remove the dried fluff which can be an irritant. Once removed, I blended the rest finely:


If this is not calling for sprinkles, I do not know what is.


Snuffy and Mazy decided to grace us with a Thanksgiving miracle and cuddle up together:

photo (13)


Are there home remedies you won’t try or foraged foods that are too far out there for you?