I picked this up at the Restore this weekend for $12.


Then, I bought a separate shade off a different lamp for $3.99.


It represents the start of something that has been bugging me for a while…it is time to re-do the master bedroom which makes the second room I will have painted twice in the 3 years we have lived here. It became clear to me when I was reading in the dark with a headlamp on so John could sleep for the third night in a row. Should I paint the brass parts white?

The Young House Love‘s paint guide recommends for colors to choose a muddier color than you think you want for walls. I am thinking something like this:

75302a03-1c04-43e6-a287-29d16a8c3778_145  bd25cd62-331d-49c5-8484-c7bbd8fd1cef_145 c7dc21ca-3e01-4d50-a272-7f2d5b835041_145   9a10996f-ffff-4c1b-817a-c1c23b646025_145 f6e524d5-0a8a-4c22-b436-8a23879f5811_145


While I am clearly not afraid of really dark colors, I think I am leaning towards one of the last 4. Now I just have to find curtains that will block out the light and match this super light palette.