Lets play a fun game called guess how many chickens I have in my house right now. The answer is two.

The wind chill has been so cold in Michigan lately that the girls had been staying inside. This lead to a little hen on hen bullying (graphic chicken photo ahead)

photo (14)


After we sequestered Charlotte, the next day Henrietta was similarly bloodied.

This is clearly a management problem, and I’m not surprised given we have never had chickens before. This is also why commercial growers routinely debeak their chickens.

My dad suggested a diet deficiency may have something to do with it. However, the feed store owner thought they should be ok, and told us that the chickens should be outside the coop until it is 0 degrees outside. My dad also recommended some anti peck ointment (I guess it is like that stuff you put on your nails to keep you from biting) which we got and applied. It also is supposed to help them heal up. In the mean time, Charlotte and Henrietta are in the basement, since once a wound is opened up they are incentivized to continue the behavior. I was happy to find a solution that did not involve brining Josephina.

Eva and I had our Christmas celebration today and we did everything we like. We went climbing, stopped at random business on Woodward as they called out to us, exchanged gifts, and made several versions of popcorn.

photo (15)


Top left: cilantro, lime juice, salt and butter.

Small bowl: Two tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon cinnamon, salt and butter.

Bottom: Parmesan, garlic powder, salt, and butter.

These were to die for! All will be recreated soon. In the mean time the doodle is getting into the holiday spirit by eating yellow snow and pretending to be asleep in hopes he catches a glimpse of Santa: