There has been a fairly solid amount of bitching going on about the weather and the winter around here, but you know things are serious when both Eva and I are so stir crazy we decide to start major home renovation projects on a whim over the weekend.

Right now eva is painting her bedroom the perfect shade of gray while we are doing this:


Perhaps she can sleep at our house and I can cook at hers? Meals have been mostly this:


aaaand this is what the living room looks like:


Thankfully, the home improvement gods heard me say I was bored this morning and Eva and I “rescued” this beautiful rocking chair from the side of the road


If you have never had the pleasure of living a block away from your best friend you probably should drop everything to do it now, because having someone to run errands with makes everything awesome. Like today for example, when we went to the grocery store and came home with a rocking chair and a slight buzz from the wine and cheese tasting that just happened to be going on. Anyway, this is so nice that I thought maybe someone wanted it even though it was on the curb so if this was less “rescued” and more “stolen” and you know to whom it really belongs, please let me know. We scooped it up into the car and drove away so quickly you would have thought we were professional thieves, or at least garbage women. Eva had the idea to paint it white all over, and do a dip style gold on the legs. Thankfully, I have some of that horrible Martha Stewart gold metallic left over so I can get started, I don’t know…tonight?