Since we decided to do open shelves in lieu of cabinets in the new kitchen, I am making an effort to purge some mismatched dishes, and make those that we are keeping a little prettier. One way was this quick and easy project:




A little chalkboard paint and trader joes (nice glass) herb containers work nicely both to censor Charlize Theron, AND to store dried garden herbs.

Looking forward to getting these little projects done while its cold since spring is coming:


Just kidding, thats my basement, and further proves that spring is never coming. However, it also proves exactly how wonderful chicken manure is at fertilizing (this is pretty close to Josephina’s jail).

Something else that is keeping me happy until spring:

V20177 (source)

When I was studying for the bar I was so miserable because I couldn’t do ANYTHING, so one of the ways I indulged a little was by developing a pretty heavy fancy tea habit (to the tune of…more than $100.00). Since I assume I am literally their best customer, the Republic of Tea now sends me their magazine with a free sample each month. I kid you not, I have bought the full size of every single sample they send. My co-worker suggested they probably talk about me as a success story at marketing meetings. Anyway they sent me this sample and despite my affinity for Downton, the tea is also amazing. And its purple, what more could you ask. The top says “Limited Edition: When its gone its gone!” These people seriously have my number.