This has been a weird year in Michigan, which is why I had high hopes that the fruit trees were just seriously delayed in blossoming. While the apples are blooming, albeit pretty conservatively, and the cherries are showing promising signs, all the rest of the fruit trees seemed to skip blooming and go right to the leafing out phase.

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photo 1



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Granny Smith

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (3) Honeycrisp- one branch bloomed a lot and the rest were entirely bare, it was not even a south facing branch

However, I couldn’t ignore it any longer when I found this chart.  It seems that while no late frosts came our way to hurt the buds, even in solid dormancy the buds were likely killed the weeks it got down to -40 a few nights this winter. This will likely emphasize the biannual fruiting cycle that was set up two years ago when a very late frost killed most fruit tree buds. Since next years flowers develop behind this years fruit, when trees are unable to produce fruit one year (as is the case this year) they put all their energy into next years buds so next year would be a bumper crop. My dad pointed out that while this means only apples and cherries next year, it also means that I will only be doing significant canning once every other year which is a good sign. Also, since apparently wine grapes, apples, and even cherries are mostly only hardy to -20 I guess I am lucky that there are any potentially viable buds.

While I also had high hopes for the fig I put it at the end of last summer, figs are pushing it even if the winter were normal. I purchased this new guy:

photo 5

When I went to put it in, the other one had set a single bud. At first I was optimistic but it does not seem to be flourishing so I guess this new Chicago Hardy will be going in after all the replace the turkish brown.

And finally, does anyone else have maple trees sprouting all over their yard? Maple trees must just see a crack in the sidewalk and be like oh yep this is my spot, I can just hang out here…forever. Oh well, sprout where youre planted I guess, unless its in my front yard garden like this guy.

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