photo 2 Remember when John tried to stop me from redoing our bedroom when we hadn’t even finished the kitchen yet? Yea he might have been on to something because here six months later I am just finishing the top of the quilt. So happy with how it is turning out though!

So far so good with bees in the city!

photo 3 (4) photo 2 (4)It is so fun to be out in the neighborhood and see my bees out and about like on these so called “pussy willows.” Alternatively, when I can’t find them i’m like where do you girls go all day everyday! It is like having a dog that that is entirely self-sufficient. Perhaps too self sufficient. Womp womp. Thats a nuc box in my driveway. 

photo 2 (2)




I found a swarm cell on Sunday. Of course, it was on a deep frame and I only had a medium nuc so John whipped up a quick spacer. By the time it was all put together though it was pretty unstable so I hope the queen was not crushed. in the ensuing jenga. The queen cell was in the middle of the frame but pretty well developed into the larval stage. Its so funny how as soon as the hive is closed  I start to second guess myself and think there wasn’t even an egg in there. However, the first time I looked it looked shiny on the inside (like royal jelly) and the second I was sure there was a larva. It was just really sunny and hard to see. I also didn’t have enough deep frames. It really is true that you never have enough equipment.

In other news, this is how your dog sits in a car, right?

photo 3