I don’t know why I spend my money on anything besides plants, they make me so happy.*

After receiving some hardy kiwi for my birthday that did not survive the first month of my 27th year I bought these (larger) replacements. So far they are looking significantly more…hardy.

IMG_0332 IMG_0331

While some hardy kiwi will pollinate without a male plant, they fruit more densely when you have one of each.

In the second year of my front yard garden I am learning that one half is a lot shadier than the other, and nothing really grows. You can sort of see behind this shockingly tall grape vine…So tonight I put in some supposedly shade tolerant june berries. I am trying two varieties, a Regent, and a Princess Diana juneberry. I did not realize that among the titles the queen could give, she could also name plants after you. While I never really had royal aspirations, this leads me to wonder if there is a Kate Middleton short day onion, or Duchess of Cambridge squash out there.



Since the grapevine is doing so well in the front yard if I find one at end of the year clearance I might start it up another leg of the trellis.

And I should also probably continue to spend a fair amount of my disposable income on mustache straws because they make me drink so much water and delight at being at work for only $1. Also they are much less susceptible to bindweed. Excellent marketing 7-11 .

IMG_0318 IMG_0290

*The real reason is because once I plant them sometimes I have seven consecutive weeks of traveling weddings and forget to weed and water at all, resulting in a very poor return on investment. Hopefully I will have the same joy when I buy them again next year.